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Shangqiu value-for-money waste plastic refining equipment

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Waste oil molecular distillation is a new type of petrochemical separation technology, which is a separation process far below the atmospheric boiling point under high vacuum technology conditions. Using multi-stage molecular distillation technology, the graduated material burning oil is dehydrated under different conditions of temperature and vacuum, and the product fraction is collected, which provides relevant process parameters for separating heavy oil under high vacuum conditions. The molecular distillation process is a comprehensive application-type separation technology of high-tech and new-type processes. The boiling point is greatly reduced by high vacuum, so that the molecular chain breaking and degradation do not occur when the impurities in the waste lubricating oil are removed, and the waste oil reclaimed lubricating oil product is guaranteed. The indicators such as viscosity and flash point are qualified, and the waste oil reclaimed lubricant is light in color, and the quality can meet or exceed the original lubricating oil quality standard. Comparing the technical performance indexes of the traditional waste oil regeneration process with the waste oil regeneration lubricant of the waste oil molecular distillation new process, the traditional waste oil regeneration process and the waste oil molecular distillation new process produce the waste oil regeneration lubricant performance comparison traditional Process regenerated lubricating oil index molecular distillation reclaimed lubricating oil index;

After years of continuous development, the scale of the first-grade environmental protection has continued to grow and develop. Our company has a comprehensive sales and after-sales team service, and has obtained extensive support from users in the demand group. The company pays attention to product quality and provides perfect and meticulous service. For the waste plastic refining equipment sold by the company, the company will not only deliver the goods on time, but also provide quality after-sales service.

It is our honor to be able to serve our customers. The waste plastic refining equipment provided by our company is under the supervision of special personnel, and each batch of products is strictly controlled, and the quality of the products is reliable. Waste plastics refining equipment is mainly sold to the demand group and has a good reputation. Freshman Environmental Protection will also return to our customers with better quality, more satisfactory service and more reasonable prices.
The environmentally-friendly waste plastic refining equipment has won unanimous praise from the industry for its novel style, exquisite craftsmanship, superior performance and considerate after-sales service. Some of its products are sold well throughout the country; Yunnan; Guangxi; within and outside Shanxi Province, Has always had a good reputation in the field of environmental protection equipment industry. People in need are welcome to come to visit and guide. Company Address: Platform Economic Development Zone
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