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Oil Sludge Refining Machine

Oil Sludge Refining Machine

Custom: Yes Brand: DaYi Working Medium: Waste Plastic Waste Rubber: Waste Tire Design Pressure: Normal Pressure (Mpa) Design Temperature: 250-500 (C) Volume: 35 (m3) Size: 2600 * 6600 2600*8000 ( Mm (can be customized))


Shangqiu Dayi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 100 employees, 3 senior engineers, 10 professors and more than 40 professional and technical personnel. The overall technical strength is strong. In order to respond to the national industrial policy and increase the development of environmental protection industry, the company has acquired more than 200 acres of land in the Shangqiu Development Zone and built an environmental protection equipment production base. The project was approved by the Development and Reform Commission in July 2013. The project has a construction area of 58,000 square meters, including the production workshop. 4 buildings, one building of the staff building of the comprehensive building of science and technology production, and supporting facilities such as greening and hardening in the plant area. With automatic production equipment: car, milling, grinding, planing, drawing, stamping, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines and other equipment and various types of testing equipment, a total of more than 80 sets, can produce 500 sets (sets) of environmental protection equipment, the total investment 20 million yuan. The company's main products: cracking equipment and distillation equipment
Treatment type: oil field waste sludge, ship cabin mud, tank bottom sludge, etc.; after cracking, the oil products are extracted, and the waste oil sand oil is hazardous waste and is not treated and discharged. It violates the criminal law of the People's Republic of China and is processed by our company's refining equipment. In addition, the oil obtained from various waste sludge oil sands can be sold at a high price, and the waste mud can be made into industrial bricks and other products. As a result, the sewage oil content is lower than the three-thousandths of the state regulations, and the pollution can be discharged normally

Product Application: 
Used tires , scrap plastic, pp , pe , ps , aluminum foil , scrap PMMA etc raw material can be recycling pyrolysis to fuel oil , carbon black through pyrolysis machine .
Compared with the burning or landfill , solve the waste problem by pyrolysis technology is more acceptable by people in the world , because it is fully environmentall and can bring investors high profit .
The whole set of waste tyre plastic pyrolysis machine totally including 5 parts , they are auto feeder , pyrolysis reactor , condensing system and dedusting (remove dust and acidity )device.
Oil rate of waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis

Main Features:
1. Pyrolysis machine operating under micro negative pressure system and uses micro-vacuum technology ensures the gas does not spill in the production process and improve the efficiency of thermal cracking, eliminating hidden dangers caused by the gas leak from the fundamental;
2. The pyrolysis furnace use feeding and discharging seal system to improve the performance sealing of the furnace, so that the waste in anaerobic (or oxygen-free) state cracking eliminate dioxin formation, therefore guarantee the pyrolysis furnace safety during production.
3. Matching up with high efficiency flammable gas recovery system, hence it can guarantee the non-condensable gas use effectively, saving energy and reducing harmful emissions.
4. Upgraded dedusting device -ceramic packing dedusting device to ensure no black smoke discharged out.

After-sale service:  
1. Delivery time-- It will be within 25-35 working days after we receive the deposit.
2. Warranty- The warranty period is 12 months, engineers available to service at any time. 
3. Installation and Training-- Our Company will dispatch one technician for installation and training, ensuring the operation safety. The installation period should be one month; otherwise, you have to pay extra salary for the technician with the price of USD 100.00 per day.
4. Regular phone visiting to check out if there is anything we can do for you, maintenance guiding, easily worn-out parts and catalyst offering, on-site maintenance.