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Continuous cracking equipment

Continuous cracking equipment

Custom: Yes Brand: DaYi Working Medium: Waste Plastic Waste Rubber: Waste Tire Design Pressure: Normal Pressure (Mpa) Design Temperature: 250-500 (C) Volume: 35 (m3) Size: 2600 * 6600 2600*8000 ( Mm (can be customized))


Shangqiu Dayi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 100 employees, 3 senior engineers, 10 professors and more than 40 professional and technical personnel. The overall technical strength is strong. In order to respond to the national industrial policy and increase the development of environmental protection industry, the company has acquired more than 200 acres of land in the Shangqiu Development Zone and built an environmental protection equipment production base. The project was approved by the Development and Reform Commission in July 2013. The project has a construction area of 58,000 square meters, including the production workshop. 4 buildings, one building of the staff building of the comprehensive building of science and technology production, and supporting facilities such as greening and hardening in the plant area. With automatic production equipment: car, milling, grinding, planing, drawing, stamping, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines and other equipment and various types of testing equipment, a total of more than 80 sets, can produce 500 sets (sets) of environmental protection equipment, the total investment 20 million yuan. The company's main products: cracking equipment and distillation equipment.

First, the device has the following characteristics:
1. Continuous feeding and sealing slag fully demonstrate environmental protection.
2. The production operation pressure is operated by micro-negative pressure, which improves the safety of equipment operation.
3. High efficiency and energy saving, the fuel consumption ratio is greatly reduced. The conventional batch equipment consumes about 80-100KG of standard coal, while the continuous feeding equipment consumes about 30KG of coal.
4. It saves production time and reduces the ineffective time period of frequent heating, cooling, slagging and refilling of conventional batch furnaces, which greatly improves production efficiency.
5, the use of a simple and effective dynamic and static combined sealing structure, to solve the problem of conventional cracking equipment dynamic and static combined with leakage. 6. The equipment operation adopts mechanical processing and the operation precision is greatly improved, which reduces equipment maintenance cost and maintenance probability.
7. Realize the advantages of one side feeding, one side oiling, one burning without stopping, and simple operation.
8, continuous feed cracking equipment, moderate price, high cost performance, fast return on investment, is the ideal equipment for the replacement and transformation of old customers, is the new customer's preferred product.